Battery Charging - 3 Nos. Selectable Option: 9A/11A/13A/ manual battery charging selection sliding switch

Powerful LCD Display: To show status on battery voltage. AC Main Volts, Mains Cut and Load Chart on LCD

Electrolyte Sensor: A red blinking LED indicates the need for battery topping up

Manual Bypass: Toggle Switch available for manual operation

Output Socket: Additional output socket on the rear panel is an added input for your emergency need

Change Over: Very Fast change over time from UPS to mains and vice versa

Compact Surface Mount Technology: Reduce PCB size and this HOME UPS size

Battery Charging, Charged, Power ON/OFF Indicators



Pure sine wave home UPS

wide mais Voltage Range for Battery Charging i.e. 90V – 300V

Great Power Saving

Multi Color LCD Display

Ability to Run output load exclusively through Solar Power

Dual intelligent mode of charging – with priority to Solar

Advance Surface Mounting Technology

No Humming Noise

Easy to Service

Can operate Solar & Mains