BP Series Pg-1

Built in AVR

Surge Suppressor

Cold start on battery

Overload Protection

Battery Drain Protection

Built in Night Charging Mode

Powerful Microprocessor

Optional USB Card for Auto Shutdown Software

Easy battery swappable

Plug & Play

Generator compatible



Online Double-Conversion.

DSP Technology Guarantees High Reliability.

True inbuilt Galvanic Isolation Transformer Design

Control Designed to withstand all kinds of loads

Intelligent battery management to prolong battery life cycle

Redundant fan design and independent ventilation enhances durable operation under harsh environment

Adjustable battery numbers

Accept dual-mains input

Parallel operation with up to 6 units (option)

Variety of communication option available

5.7 Inch colour touch screen to display for 80-120KVA

IGBT based charger for smart battery management & improve power factor



True on-line, double conversion

DSP technology guarantees high performance

Wide input voltage range 277-480V AC 3ph

IGBT based rectifier and inverter

Input power factor 0.99

output power factor 0.9

Active power factor correction

50Hz/60Hz frequency converter mode

ECO Mode Operation for energy saving (ECO)

Emergency power off function (ECO)

Generator compatible

3-stage extendable charging design for optimized battery performance

Adjustable battery numbers for 30/40kVA UPS (32-40 Nos)

Maintanence bypass available

Optional parallel operation

Low audible noise

Isolation transformer compatible

Economical range.

Rugged tubular plates.

Suitable for frequent power outages.

Higher acid volume/Ampere-Hour.

Electrolyte level indicator.



APPLICATION - Pc, Servers, Networking Equipments, Security Systems, Medical equipments etc.

True online, Double conversion, PWM Technology

Fully digitized microprocessor control, high frequency, pure sive wave output

Lcd Display and wide input voltage

High input power factor >0.99

Static bypass and cold start

IGBT based - Inverter & Rectifier

Isolation transformer compatible

Advanced battery management

Automatic battery charge in UPS Off mode

EMI/RFI and noise filter

Generator and solar compatible

Highly reliability digital control

Auto- Start function

ECO mode


Intelligent Slot / SNMP (Optional)

External Battery (Optional)


Output sockets

Power breaker


Output terminal block

EPO (Optional)



The advance IGBT Inverter, coupled with an isolation transformer, enhances the reliability and load adaptability.

This unique construction for input and output isolation provides the advantages of noice rejection as well as clean and safe neutral line to the load, enables PB UPS to be used with critical load applications.

True Online Double conversion Design

Output isolation transformer

Wide input voltage range

User friendly digital LCD display

Cold start function

High crest factor circuit design

Advance battery management

Inbuilt High-rated charger enable battery backup up to 2-10 Hrs

IGBT based charger for smart battery management & improve input powerfactor


Input switch

Maintenance switch


Com port